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Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Live Positive, Live with Faith...
Live Positive, Live with Faith...

Frequently Asked Questions

Roche and Nadal Antigen Rapid Test- Approved for use by France. Make sure you request it.

Go to your account login. Click on Reset Password. After 5 mins go to your email account and click on the Reset Password email and make a new password.

Log in to your Medicines Online Agent Account. Select the Availability Tab. Scroll down to the bottom and add your Gmail account email address. Click on activate Sync. You may get a message that you need to be sure. Just click yes activate anyway. And make sure that your Medicines Online account is connected to your Gmail account. Note: On your device make sure your Google Calendar is also connected to your Gmail.

Yes you can. But there is a Cancellation Fee of up to 50%. When you make an appointment we immediately arrange the suppliers to ship the latest equipment to the Micro Clinic for your appointment. Usually that day or early the next day it’s shipped. To cancel the systems and the shipments and a restocking fee and the return shipping costs we require up to 50% cancellation fee.

We are here to 
 your queries

Connect to us using the live chat option or fill up the form on the Customer Services section. 

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